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Agenda - July 2014

Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
Board Meeting Agenda

July 17, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: Lewiston Police Training Center (map)
2419 16th Avenue
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

17:00 PMChair Report- Steve Becker
  1. Decision on the Idaho Soil and Water Commission District Survey
  2. Briefing on North Idaho Animal Feeding Operations Project Participant Appreciation Event
  3. Briefing on Nez Perce County Budget Hearing
  4. Briefing on the Idaho Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts’ Annual Meeting
  5. Briefing on Idaho State’s Increased District Financial Support
  6. Briefing on District Elections
27:15 PMDistrict Business:
  1. Board Decision on Treasurer's Report (Kyle Wilson)
  2. Board Decision on May 15, 2014 Minutes (Steve Becker)
37:25 PMPresentation on the Idaho Heritage Trust organization; Katherine Kirk, Executive Director, Idaho Heritage Trust.
47:55 PMBoard Decisions:
  1. Board Decision on contract #12-172 conservation plan and implementation schedule.
  2. Board Decision on Clearwater Resource Conservation and Development Council Request for 2015 Contributions.
  3. Board Decision Clearwater Basin Weed Management Area 2014 Partner Contribution
  4. Board Decision on Wetland Mitigation Easement
  5. Board Decision on 12-161 Contract Payment
  6. Board Decision on Donation Request for Idaho FFA/4H Land and Soil Evaluation Event
58:05 PMManager Reports: Lynn Rasmussen
  1. Briefing on Fiscal Year 2015 Project Matching Fund Obligations
  2. Briefing on Bedrock Creek Channel Assessment Report Findings
  3. Briefing on Lindsey Creek Water Quality Improvement Project Status
  4. Briefing on Vetch Population Status
  5. Briefing on Lower Canyon Tributaries Atlas Status
  6. Briefing on District Vehicle Sales
  7. Briefing on University of Idaho Waters of the West Activities
  8. Briefing on Fiscal Year 2014 Year End Report
  9. Briefing on Verle Kaiser Grant Award and Final Project Report
  10. Briefing on Spaulding Silene Tour
  11. Briefing on Shebang Days Event
  12. Briefing on 2014 Environmental Awareness Days Event
  13. Briefing on Webb Ridge Mitigation Plan Status
  14. Briefing on Fountain Grade Project Revisions
  15. Briefing on Idaho Counties Risk Management Program Insurance Claim
  16. Briefing on Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission Fiscal Year 2015 Technical Assistance Allocation
  17. Briefing on 2014 Riparian Weed Control
  18. Briefing on 2014 Biocontrol Activities
  19. Briefing on joint District/Nez Perce Tribe Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Training
  20. Briefing on Americorps Position Status
  21. Briefing on Pine, Hatwai, Bedrock 00709 Project Completion
  22. Briefing on Vollmer Road Flash Flood
  23. Briefing on Annual Lapwai Monitoring Meeting
  24. Briefing on District Administrative items
  25. Briefing on Technical Information Updates
79:00 PMAdjourn

The times listed for specific agenda items, and the order of those items, are approximate and are subject to change.

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