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Wildfire Restoration

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The conservation district participates in wildfire restoration through the development of projects and seeking funding to restore lands damaged by wildfire.

Current and past projects are described here. Click on a project name to identify details of the project.

2021 Bedrock, Pine, and Snake River Complex Fires

Several wildfires occurred in Nez Perce County in 2021. The major fires included Bedrock (11,167 acres), Pine (542 acres), and Snake River Complex (109,444 acres) Fires. Select the fire name below for details on each fire.

After a fire the District works with Nez Perce County to produce a post fire assessment to identify the risks to public safety, infrastructure, and restoration needs. The assessment involves a team of resource professionals from various agencies including federal, state, tribal and university sources. The team evaluates a suite of 18 parameters (discussed below). From this effort, a report is prepared with the findings and actions needed. Nez Perce County and the district prioritize the list of actions and seek funding for implementation.

Bedrock Fire

Pine Creek Fire

Snake River Complex Fire

Post Fire Assessment Parameters

2015 North Central Idaho Wildfires

This project was coordinated by the Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts Division 2 (5 county area in North Idaho). A coordinated effort of Forest Service, Natural Resouces Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Department of Lands, county governments (Idaho, Latah, Lewis, Clearwater and Nez Perce), conservation districts resulted in the formation of a North Central Idaho Wildfire Management Group. This group completed a post fire inventory and assessment for several regional fires including Noble Fire, Tepee Springs Fire, Woodrat Fire, Wash Fire, Fisher Fire, Old Greer Fire, Municipal Fire, Clearwater Complex Fire, and Slide Fire. The work products and final assessment produced by this group can be reviewed by clicking on the link above.

North Central Idaho Wildfire Restoration Group


The North-Central Idaho Wildfire Restoration Group (WRG) was formed October 8, 2015. The WRG formed in response to area fires the summer of 2015. The WRG is focusing on over 225,000 acres of fire affected lands with a collaborative emphasis on 60,000 acres of private lands affected by the wildfires.

Group Purpose

Group Organization

Group Meetings


2015 Post Fire Inventory and Assessment

Take Action

Group Purpose

Open and voluntary coalition of governmental agency decision-makers within the 5 county region (Idaho, Clearwater, Lewis, Latah, Nez Perce) to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of individual efforts to address post fire recovery and other natural resources affecting the area.

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