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Education and Outreach


The Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District is actively involved with our local schools and citizens, in hope to help them further understand the progressively complex natural resource issues faced today. Through education and outreach, we promote sustainable, ecosystem based ideals that are meant to help individuals realize their importance in shaping their future landscape. Below are some of the programs in which we participate.

Environmental Awareness Days

The Environmental Awareness Days (EAD) program is designed primarily for area 6th grade students. Held annually, this event provides an excellent opportunity for sixth grade students to learn about the environment in an outdoor setting. Over 12,500 students have participated in this event since 1985. The event is organized and coordinated by the District and provides a hands-on outdoor education experience on a variety of regional topics including archaeology, geology, water quality, water conservation, entomology, livestock, agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. Area sixth graders from private, public and home-schoolers in Lewiston, Culdesac, Lapwai and Clarkston attend the event. The courses are taught by regional professionals who donate their time.

For more information on this event contact the District.

Environmental Awareness Days Video 2017

Environmental Awareness Days Information

Camp Wittman


Camp Wittman is located in Nez Perce County, Idaho and is managed through a cooperative partnership between the Lewiston Valley Boys and Girls Club and the Wittman Family. This camp is utilized throughout the year for outdoor education events and includes facilities for day and overnight use. The District, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service and Dick Wittman installed an outdoor soils pit at the Camp site and developed a teacher’s guide for pit use. District staff teaches at various events held at the Camp each year.


Nez Perce County Fair

The District participates in the annual Nez Perce County Fair held in Lewiston, Idaho. The fair provides an excellent opportunity for the District to interact with the public and provide conservation education to a high number of people.

Community Parades

The District participates in local community day event in Culdesac, Idaho. The annual Shebang Days celebration is held in June each year. The District staff and volunteers prepare parade floats and participate in the community parade.



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