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A summary view of the weed species found in the Lapwai and Big Canyon Creek watersheds.


Weeds identified as “reduce” in the Lapwai and Big Canyon watersheds.


Weeds identified as “custodial” in the Lapwai and Big Canyon watersheds.



Site Selection - Inventory was performed along all county, state, and federal roads within the Lapwai and Big Canyon Creek watersheds. Each road was divided into sections and labeled with a unique number. Most segments followed road junctions.

Weed Groups - Weed species were organized into the following management groups established by the Clearwater Basin Weed Management Area (CBWMA): eradicate, control, contain, reduce, and custodial. Each of these management groups has a defined management or treatment objective (Table 1).

Table 1. Weed Groups Established by the CBWMA

Management Objective/Definition
EradicateElimination of every individual weed and all viable seeds or propugules.
ControlViable seeds and propagules are prevented to decrease the distribution overtime.
ContainWeeds are geographically contained and are not increasing beyond the perimeter of infestation.
ReduceThe density or rate of spread of weeds is reduced across a geographic area.
CustodialInfestations are treated in association with other weed activities. Either the weed is not invasive or infestation is beyond capabilities of groupings.

Site inventory - Inventory data collected includes presence/absence of weed species and % cover of present species. The inventory collected was completed by road segment and weed locations were documented using the odometer of a vehicle.

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