Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weather Data

Weather Data Now Available to the Public Through

The District recently purchased a new weather station to monitor temperature, wind, and precipitation. All weather data is downloaded wirelessly to the internet, updated by the minute, and available to the public by logging on to NPSWCD's page on The website, brought to you by Davis Instruments, makers of the weatherlink station, allows you to quickly obtain minute by minute local weather reports, summaries, and map information.

The station, installed at the Culdesac office, will be used by the District to evaluate weather patterns and determine how the patterns affect watersheds. Once data is retrieved electronically and downloaded to the computer, District technicians are able to utilize it in planning stream restoration work. For example, by looking at precipitation levels over a five-year span, you can identify the approximate amount of mountain runoff and how and when these are likely to affect a stream. It is also good for shedding light on how storms affect streamflow.

The weather station is solar-powered, set up was simple, and little maintenance is required. The District’s goal is to eventually have a weather station in every watershed to promote effective stream restoration. Log on to for more information.



For over 60 years the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District has been committed to supporting the conservation and wise use management of Nez Perce County's natural resources.

Today, the District continues to meet the needs of landowners and land users throughout the area. The District offers information and technical guidance as well as financial cost share assistance to individuals with land or resource needs and concerns.

Land ownership, resource conditions, technology and societal values may change as the years pass but healthy and productive resources, whether land or water, will be dependent on the continuing development and application of conservation practices.

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