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Backyard Conservation

NullBackyard conservation practices are easy and most are inexpensive. Activities can be done by individuals and families, and many practices can be adapted to community gardens, schools and other public places.

The nation's farmers have worked at protecting soil and water resources for more than 70 years. The Backyard Conservation materials share successful conservation practice ideas with non-farm neighbors.

We encourage you to use in your own backyard some of the same soil conservation, water quality, wildlife habitat and natural resource protection practices farmers have been installing on their farms.

Backyard Conservation is a multifaceted cooperative project by National Association of Conservation Districts, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Audubon and the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Printed copies of Backyard Conservation materials, including books, guides and posters can be ordered through NRCS online or by calling (888) LANDCARE (526-3227). You can also download copies of the booklet and tip sheets from the NRCS Backyard Conservation Website. Tip sheet topics include Backyard Pond, Backyard Wetland, Composting, Mulching, Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Terracing, Tree Planting, Water Conservation and Wildlife Habitat. Publications are available in both English and Spanish.

Lesson plans are available from the Wildlife Habitat Council to teach students to appreciate the wildlife in their backyards from the WHC website. Each lesson contains interdisciplinary activities designed to promote investigation, team-building and critical thinking and will stimulate students to understand the wildlife habitats in their backyards.

Adapted from the National Association of Conservation Districts website.


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