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Bear Creek Bridge Project Description

This project replaces the existing Bear Creek bridge (40 foot opening, 2.3 feet clearance) with a pre-fabricated structure that is 50 feet long and has 5 feet of stream clearance. The larger structure is needed to accommodate spring runoff events, prevent flooding damage, reduce debris accumulation and stabilize abutments. The project is located along Bear Creek, approximately 1.5 miles upstream from the confluence of Big Canyon Creek and the Clearwater River. This creek has perennial flow and is spring fed. Bedload is deposited on the upstream side of an existing bridge creating an annual flooding hazard within the channel and on Big Canyon Creek Road. The existing structure lacks the capacity to pass annual spring runoff events and accumulates gravels upstream and under the structure, which reduces the capacity of the channel and diverts flood waters over the road surface. This site has been a concern since the early 1990s.

This project will provide a direct benefit to the residents of Peck, Idaho by reducing the flooding, erosion and debris deposition and subsequent flooding threats that occur on an annual basis. Big Canyon Creek Road provides access to Highway 12 for about 200 residents of the City as well as surrounding rural residents.

Construction Schedule 2019

The schedule listed below is an estimate and is dependent upon final permitted construction window and bridge delivery schedule. The schedule includes:

  1. Installation of temporary stream crossing to allow traffic flow during construction – mid July.
  2. Demolition of existing bridge – mid to end of July
  3. Build North Abutment – September – October
  4. Install New Bridge – Mid - October
  5. Pave/install guard rail – End of October
  6. Removal of temporary crossing – October

Project Concept Plan


Project Concept Plan. Hatched marks represent the floodplain restoration completed in 2000. The green marks (A through D) represent rock weirs proposed to stabilize the channel. Weirs A and B are installed. Weirs C and D are proposed for installation. The bridge is also proposed for replacement.


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