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Rock Creek Floodplain Restoration

Rock Creek, a tributary to Mission Creek, located in Nez Perce County, Idaho is the location of a floodplain restoration plan and feasibility analysis.

The project is at the concept stage. This page was developed for the technical specialists who are reviewing the concepts.


During the 1965 and 1996 flood events, 0.86 miles of stream was diked with gravel berms (both sides of the channel = 1.7 miles). These berms prohibit access to the floodplain and cause on-site as well as downstream impacts. Downstream impacts include streambank erosion, impacts on the Mission Creek Road Bridge, and additional bedload deposition. This project is upstream of project work completed in 2012.

Previously completed at this site:

  • Topographic survey
  • Cross sections
  • Turbidity readings at mouth of Mission Creek
  • Pebble counts
  • Stream temperature


Identify opportunities to restore floodplain connectivity, stabilize gravels, establish riparian zone to reduce stream temperatures, and restore flow to the channel.

End Product:

  • Analysis of problem
  • Concept plan with 1 – 3 alternatives
  • Scoping of costs
  • Installation steps
  • Written report with data and analysis

Supporting documents developed to date include:

Concept plans have been developed and are linked below:


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