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Invasive Species

Poison Hemlock

The Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District recognizes the importance of addressing invasive species, in order to preserve land, agricultural, and recreation values. Invasive species in the United States cause major environmental and economic damages.

Program Purpose

Curb the spread and minimize harmful effects of nonnative species that can:

  1. cause displacement of, or otherwise threaten, native species in their natural communities; or
  2. threaten natural resources or their use in Nez Perce County.

Program Goals

  • Prevent introductions of new invasive species into Nez Perce County.
  • Prevent the spread of invasive species within Nez Perce County.
  • Reduce the impacts caused by invasive species to the area’s ecology, society, and economy.

In This Section:

  • Noxious Weed Program

    The Nez Perce Conservation District recognizes the importance of addressing noxious weeds and in cooperation with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and the Clearwater Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area has established the Noxious Weed Cost-Share program to assist land-owners in controlling and eradicating noxious weeds on their property.

  • Weed Control Priorities

    Priorities for weed control are set at the state and local levels. The Nez Perce Conservation District’s priority weeds include eradication, containment, and control efforts.

  • Weed Identification and Biology

    Identifying weeds is important for early detection and eradication of new weed infestations, containment of existing infestations, prevention of weed spread, and implementation of weed management and monitoring programs.

  • Photo Gallery

    View a photo gallery of Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District involvement in noxious weed mitigation.

  • Links & Resources

    Access other organizations providing information about noxious weeds.

Thanks to the Teton Conservation District in Jackson, WY for allowing us to “borrow” the language from their weed control web page. Their willingness to share reduced our time and costs in developing this segment of our web page!


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