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Agenda - March 2014

Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
Board Meeting Agenda

March 20, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: Lewiston Police Training Center (map)
2419 16th Avenue
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

17:00 PMOpen the Meeting: Steve Becker, Chair
  1. Briefing on 2014 Elections process.
  2. Briefing on Idaho Association of Soil Conservation District Activities
  3. Briefing on Idaho Forestry Contest
  4. Briefing on Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission’s 75th Anniversary Events in the Capital.
27:10 PMDistrict Business:
  1. Board Decision on Treasurer's Report (Kyle Wilson)
  2. Board Decision on January 16, 2014 Minutes (Steve Becker)
37:15 PMPresentation on Idaho Chapter- American Planning Association activities: Joel Plaskon, Vice President; Idaho Chapter American Planning Association.
47:35 PMBriefing on Farm Bill Program updates for EQIP, CSP, and CRP: Treg Owings, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service
57:40 PMBoard Actions:
  1. Board Decision on Idaho Department of Correction Workplan Agreement
  2. Board Decision on FY14 Harris and Company Engagement Letter (Kyle Wilson)
  3. Board Decision on FY15 SCC TAWG Request Letter and Certification (Kyle Wilson)
  4. Board Decision on CR- 262202 Restoring Anadromous Fish Habitat in the Lapwai Creek watershed (Lynn Rasmussen).
  5. Board Decision on policy manual section revisions. (Lynn Rasmussen)
68:10 PMPresentation of Idaho Community Foundation agreement, (John Hermann and Todd Wittman)
78:45 PMManager Reports: Lynn Rasmussen
  1. Board Decision on partnership with Nez Perce Tribe on Spring Creek Wetlands.
  2. Board Decision on Americorps application for assistance.
  3. Board Decision on Verle Kaiser grant proposal
  4. Presentation on Culdesac Weather Station
  5. Briefing on Bonneville Power Administration’s final Geographic Review recommendations
  6. Presentation on Culvert Placement educational strategy.
  7. Briefing on Project 00709 close out process, budget modification and matching funds status.
  8. Briefing on Lower Canyon Tributaries Inventory and Assessment Report.
  9. Briefing on Bonneville Power Administration’s Action Effectiveness Monitoring efforts and impacts to District projects.
  10. Report on the status of District planning and engineering projects.
  11. Briefing on Monitoring Methods - submittal of temperature methodology
  12. Briefing on Webb Road Wetland Mitigation plan
  13. Briefing on Winchester Lake TMDL Watershed Improvement Planning Project
  14. Briefing on Communication Tower project (Wilson)
  15. Briefing on turbidity measurements conducted in January and February 2014.
  16. Briefing on Results of Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission Spring Coordination Meeting
  17. Briefing on District administration items
  18. Briefing on Science and Technology Changes
9:15 PMAdjourn

The times listed for specific agenda items, and the order of those items, are approximate and are subject to change.

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