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Agenda - September 2017

Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
Regular Meeting Agenda

September 21, 2017 - 6:00 P.M.

Meeting Location: Lewiston Police Academy Training Center
2419 16th Avenue
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

The Nez Perce Board occasionally meets in Executive Session, pursuit to Idaho Code § 67-2345. Executive session is closed to the public.

1Welcome and Introductions - Steve Becker
2Chair Report - Steve Becker
  1. Briefing on Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts activities
  2. Briefing on Local News
  3. Briefing on National Association of Conservation Districts activities
  4. Briefing on Idaho Association of Conservation Commission activities
3District Business:
  1. Board Decision on Financial Report For July to September 2017 (Zenner)
  2. Board Decision on June 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  3. Board Decision on June 20, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  4. Briefing on FY2017 District Audit (Zenner)
  5. Briefing on FY2018 Budget Status (Zenner)
  6. Briefing on FY2017 Year End Financial Status (Zenner)
4Guest Speaker: Lindsay Creek Sewer Project
5Board Decisions:
  1. Board Decision Idaho Community Foundation Agreement
  2. Board Decision on Flooring, Windows, Roof Repairs Budget
  3. Board Decision FY2018 Idaho Attorney General Memorandum of Agreement for Legal Services
  4. Board Decision on Sweetwater Forestry Project Process
  5. Board Decision on Clearwater RC&D Council FY2018 Dues Request.
  6. Board Decision on Agreement with Washington State University for Verle Kaizer Endowment Fund award.
  7. Board Decision on Professional Services Agreement 17_1791c for fence installation.
  8. Board Decision on Agreement # 17-1791 Webb Creek Stream Crossing.
  9. Board Decision on Idaho DEQ Clean Water Act Section 319 grant applications for Lindsay Creek, Tammany Creek, and Tom Beall Creek.
  10. Board Decision on FY2018 Water Users Fee and Agreement Documents
  11. Board Decision on 75th Event Details and Final Budget
  12. Board Decision on Environmental Awareness Days Promotional Video
6Manager Reports: Lynn Rasmussen
  1. Managers’ Report on District operations and activities.
  2. Facilities Management Report – FY2017 Year End and FY2018 Planned
  3. Repair Costs Report – see vehicle reports D120-19-FY17
  4. Fall 2017 Project List and Status Report
  5. Review of District Answering System
  6. Review of IDL Grant Procedures
7Executive Session - Personnel

The times listed for specific agenda items, and the order of those items, are approximate and are subject to change.

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