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Agenda - October 2018 Special Meeting

Nez Perce Soil and Water
Conservation District
Board of Elected Officials
Special Meeting Agenda
October 25th, 2018 - 1:00 P.M.

Meeting Location:
Boat Ramp adjacent to East side of Flying J Travel Plaza
3110 N. and S. Hwy
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Steve Becker
  2. District Tour with Regional Idaho Fish and Game Administrator, Jim Teare
  3. Conservation District Overview
  4. District goals/objectives/priorities
  5. Overview of District Activities
  6. Historic working relationship with IDFG
  7. Future working relationship with IDFG

We will be carpooling. Tour will start and end at the boat ramp. Discussion will occur on agenda items at 3 to 4 stops on tour route. Tour will cover Northern Nez Perce County and Middle Nez Perce County.

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