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District Board Information

Who Makes up the District Board?

The seven elected board officials are local citizens just like you! They might be your child’s teacher, a local farmer, or even your next door neighbor. These community members are dedicated individuals working to promote the wise use and management of today’s resources.

What Does the Board Do?

The Board of Supervisors directs the District financially, and with annual work plans each year. Board members, like District staff, work directly with landowners, local, state, and federal agencies to promote the wise use of Nez Perce County’s natural resources.

Elected board members serve four-year terms as non-paid elected officials that are reimbursed for expenses related to District activities. Board members meet on the third Thursday of each month to discuss conservation priorities and other District business. Board meetings are held at various locations within the county. Meetings are open to the public and landowners are encouraged to attend.


Present District Board Supervisors
Steve Becker

Steve Becker

A sharp business professional and a passion for conservation and stewardship issues are required to lead the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District. Steve Becker, Chairman of the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District, has a proven record of effective fundraising and leadership that brings funding to implement conservation projects throughout Nez Perce County. Since 2009, Steve has been a leader for our organization and has been an integral part of our community for many years as well as playing a key role in promoting many community organizations. He is currently the Idaho Association of Soil and Water Conservation District’s director from Division II (North Idaho) and the treasurer of the state-wide association of soil conservation districts. Further, Steve shares his knowledge and best practices with professionals in his industry and brings insight to the Board. Steve spends his free time with his wife, Nancy, caring for their two children Stephanie and Edward and working on his farm in the Genesee area.

Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill is the Vice Chairman for the District. He has been an elected board member since 2006 and an advocate for the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District for more than 10 years. Tracy has participated in the North Idaho Animal Feeding Operations Committee (A five county committee administrating grant funds for livestock waste projects). He received an excellence award for his activities on this committee in 2012. Additionally, he participates in the Idaho Grain Producers organization. Tracy is a farm and ranch operator near Ruebens, Idaho. In his free time, Tracy enjoys being in the mountains.

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Kyle completed his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics at the University of Idaho in 1981. Kyle has delivered more than 20 years of pro-active, progressive leadership within the District. Kyle was a key figure in developing the District financial accounting system, policy manual and many projects in the Lapwai area as well as county-wide. He currently also represents the five districts in the Clearwater region on the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commision’s Technical Assistance Working Group. Kyle has been an elected official on the Board for 20 years and has lived in Nez Perce County for more than 40 years. Kyle produces grain and legume crops in the Lapwai area of Nez Perce County. Kyle Wilson is our District Board Treasurer.

John Hermann

John Hermann

John joined the District Board in 2000. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community through volunteering. John was integral in leading the District in many innovative areas of conservation and was chairman for five years. John has experience with local agricultural production organizations and has served as a board member for Crites Seed and the Genesee Union Warehouse Cooperative. His experience with farmland and landownership are tools the Board values when considering options and making decisions for the District. John produces cereal grains and legumes on the Palouse region near Genesee, Idaho. When he isn’t farming, John likes to spend time with his four grandkids.

Dale Nichols

Dale Nichols

Dale has served on the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District board since 2004. Dale has called Nez Perce County home for many years and brings his ranching and landowner experience to the Board. He is also contracted through a Nevada wildlife rehabilitation program and during winter months, spends time out of state with that project. In his free time, Dale enjoys fishing and being outdoors.

Dave Troy

Dave Troy

Dave joined the District Board in 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Idaho, and since 1991 he has worked in the insurance field and as agent at Troy Insurance out of Lewiston. Dave is busy with many local activities. He is currently Chairman of the Northwest Children’s Home and in the past has volunteered his time with the Lewiston Roundup, Kiwanis Club, and Rotary Club. He is married to wife Caroline and has four daughters. In his free time, Dave enjoys hunting and target shooting.

Todd Wittman

Todd Wittman

After attending Lewis and Clark State College, Todd has farmed local land from the Tammany area to Craigmont since 1990. He also serves as District representative from the Tammany area for the Tammany Watershed Advisory Group. He has served on the District Board since 1994. Todd has served as chairman, vice-chair and treasurer throughout his tenure with the District. Todd produces cereal grains, legumes, and canola as well as livestock and timber in Nez Perce and Lewis counties, Idaho. Todd has seven children and is married to wife DeeAnn. He enjoys hunting and camping in his spare time.


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