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Board of Supervisors, Past and Present
NameLocationService Dates
Becker, SteveGenesee2007-Present
Blair, RobertLeland2002-2005
Brammer, OttoGifford1949-1951
Brink, E.C. 1962-1966
Busch, JimGenesee1966-1987
Butler, Dick 1962-1968
Butler, ErnestGifford1941-1945
Corkill, William 1960-1966
Dau, DennisLenore1983-2006
Evans, SanfordGenesee1962-1965
Halsey, WalterCuldesac1941-1946
Hasenoehrl, MaryLewiston1997-1999
Hechtner, JohnLapwai1974-1988
Hermann, J.P.Genesee1951-1953
Hermann, JohnGenesee2001-2016
Hill, TracyReubens2007-Present
Holben, BarryGenesee1986-2000
Holben, MarionGenesee1947-1951
Kaufman, FredLewiston1989-1997
Kaylor, MarionPeck1960-1966
Knowlton, DallasGifford1994-2006
Knowlton, EdwardPeck1952-1954
Knowlton, JimPeck1973-1983
Konen, BobLewiston1988-1995
Lloyd, D.E. (Don)Lewiston1949-1951
Lohman, JackLeland1967-1971
Mervyn, W.H.Genesee1941-1946
Miller, Ed 1955-1961
Nichols, DalePeck2004-Present
Peters, GordonKendrick1952-1954
Roberts, Merle 1954-1956
Sanders, DarylLewiston2000-2004
Schroeder, BertLewiston1941-1946
Schwartz, JohnLewiston2016-Present
Silflow, DaleKendrick1972-1983
Silflow, GaryLeland1983-
Snyder, Cara 1983-1988
Swanson, LisaLewiston2005-2009
Thiessen, JohnLewiston1946-1949
Thiessen, MerleLewiston1967-1988
Thiessen, OscarLewiston1949-1951
Thomas, Don 1973-1983
Troy, DaveLewiston2010-Present
Vincent, Marvin 1958-1959
Watson, BruceGifford1986-1994
Webb, John 1975-1985
Weven, Billy 1955-1957
Williams, RalphGifford1946-1948
Wilson, G.B.Lapwai1947-1955
Wilson, Kyle J.Lapwai1989-2015
Wittman, BobLapwai1957-1961
Wittman, ToddLapwai1995-Present
Wood, Roy 1955-1959
Woodland, J.M.Kendrick1941-1948
Zenner, Al 1956-1961
Zenner, ClintGenesee2017-Present

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