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Agenda - March 2019

Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
Regular Meeting Agenda

March 21, 2019 – 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Meeting Location:
Lewiston Police Training Academy Center
2419 16th Avenue
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

The Nez Perce Board occasionally meets in Executive Session, pursuit to Idaho Code § 67-2345. Executive session is closed to the public. Agenda order may vary from that listed below at the discretion of the board chair.

1Call to Order – Steve Becker
2Changes to Agenda
3Chair Report - Steve Becker
  1. Briefing on Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts activities
  2. Briefing on Local News
  3. Briefing on National Association of Conservation Districts activities
  4. Briefing on Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission activities
4Action Items:
  1. Board Decision on Financial Report For January – February 2019 (Zenner)
  2. Board Decision on January 22, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  3. Board Decision on January 22, 2019 Special Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  4. Board Decision on January 23, 2019 Special Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  5. Board Reconsideration 2018- 2019 ICRMP Public Entity Insurance Policy and Offer of Terrorism Coverage.
  6. Board Decision on 2019 BPA contract deliverables.
  7. Board Decision on Contract 00317 Bear Creek Bridge Phase I
  8. Board Decision on grant applications for 319 special funding
  9. Board Decision on Forester Agreement for Services
  10. Board Decision on Financial Procedure Changes
  11. Board Decision on ISWCC Technical Assistance Request for FY2020
  12. Board Decision on ISWCC Budget Hearing Worksheets
  13. Board Decision on Ground Penetrating Radar Funding
5Discussion and Presentations:
  1. Presentation on Steelhead Habitat Components (Bob Ries, NOAA Fisheries)
  2. Briefing on Hatwai and Lindsay Creek watershed advisory group activities (Zenner, Becker)
  3. Briefing on Environmental Awareness Days – 2019
  4. Briefing on Nez Perce County Wildfire Working Group – Kip Kemack (Nez Perce Tribe Fire Prevention), Grant Dicianni (NPC OEM)
  5. Meet Clinton Daniel, Regional Director, Representative Fulcher (invited)
6Manager Reports: Lynn Rasmussen
  1. District operations and activities
  2. Project Updates and Activities
  3. Briefing on Board Communications and Tablets
  4. Briefing on ISWCC Tracker Program

Bold Text = Action Item


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