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Agenda - September 2015

Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
Board Meeting Agenda

September 17, 2015 – 4:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Lewiston Police Training Center (map)
2419 16th Avenue
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

The Nez Perce Board occasionally meets in Executive Session, pursuit to Idaho Code § 67-2345. Executive session is closed to the public. Due to the large number of agenda items, speakers are asked to ensure their presentations are within the identified time limits.

14:30 PMWelcome and Introductions - Steve Becker
24:35 PMGuest Speaker: Tony Sunseri, Area Conservationist, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS); Introducing himself to Board as new area conservationist.
34:45 PMChair Report - Steve Becker
  1. Briefing on Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts activities
  2. Briefing on Local News – emphasis on Wildfires
  3. Briefing on State News
  4. Briefing on National Association of Conservation Districts activities
  5. Briefing on National News
  6. Briefing on Palouse WAG activities
45:00 PMDistrict Business:
  1. Board Decision on Financial Report For June 30, 2015, July-August 2015 (Kyle Wilson)
  2. Board Decision on May 21, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  3. Board Decision on May 21, 2015 Minutes (Becker)
  4. Board Decision on June 26, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes (Becker)
  5. Board Decision on July 16, 2015 Minutes (Becker)
  6. Review of New Public Meeting Law and Distribution of Manuals
55:15 PMGuest Speaker: Bryant Wolfe, Emergency Management Director, Nez Perce County; Presentation on Nez Perce County’s Emergency Management System.
65:45 PMGuest Speaker: Treg Owings, District Conservationist, USDA-NRCS; 2015 Farm Bill Updates
75:50 PMBoard Decisions:
  1. Board Decision on Washington State University Contract #21775 2016 Verle Kaiser Conservation Endowment Fund allocation of $1,400.
  2. Board Decision on Idaho State FFA/4-H Land and Soil Evaluation Event DonationRequest
  3. Board Decision on FY16 State of Idaho Office of the Attorney General Memorandum of Agreement for Legal Services.
  4. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-02 Contract Revision #3
  5. Board Decision on D180-50-K-GG-02 Contract Revision #4
  6. Board Decision on D180-50-K-STB-01 Contract Revision #1
  7. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-16 Contract Revision #2
  8. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-17 Contract Revision #3
  9. Board Decision on D180-50-K-MC-03 Contract Revision #3
  10. Board Decision on D180-50-K-MC-05 Contract Revision #3
  11. Board Decision on D180-50-K-MC-01 Contract Revision #2
  12. Board Decision on D180-50-K-GG-04 Contract Revision #4
  13. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-19 Contract Revision #3
  14. Board Decision on D180-50-K-GG-05 Contract Revision #3
  15. Board Decision on D180-50-K-STB-02 Contract Revision #4
  16. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-18 Contract Revision #3
  17. Board Decision on D180-50-K-LC-01 Contract Revision #3
  18. Board Decision on D180-50-K-GG-03 Contract Revision #4
  19. Board Decision on 42391-10111 Contract Revision #4
  20. Board Decision on 42391-10112 Contract Revision #3
  21. Board Decision on LBPA-0548 Contract Revision #3
  22. Board Decision on 42391-1092 Contact Revision #3 and #4
  23. Board Decision on 0908-1105 Contract Revision #2 and #3
  24. Board Decision on LBPA-0523 Contract Revision #3 and #4
  25. Board Decision on Contract 12-171 for streambank restoration and wetland enhancement.
  26. Board Decision on 11-140 Contract Revision #2
  27. Board Decision on 42391-WECDE-0986 Contract Revision #2
  28. Board Decision on 42391-1094 Contract Revision #2
  29. Board Decision on 14-1744 Contract Revision #3
  30. Board Decision on LBPA-0641 Contract Revision #2
  31. Board Decision on 12-172 Contract Revision #1
  32. Board Decision on 11-142 Contract Revision #2
  33. Board Decision on LBPA-0854 Contract Revision #2
  34. Board Decision on 12-161 Contract Revision #1
  35. Board Decision on 11-158 Contract Revision #1
  36. Board Decision on 12-160 Contract Revision #2
  37. Board Decision on 14-1742 Contract Revision #3
  38. Board Decision on 14-1743 Contract Revision #7
  39. Board Decision on FY2016 Budget Amendment #1
  40. Board Decision on Idaho Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts FY16 Dues
  41. Board Decision on Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission Financial Match Report
  42. Board Decision on Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission Performance Report
  43. Board Decision on Payroll Services Agreement with Ryan Barnett, CPA.
  44. Board Decision on Idaho Community Foundation Fund Documents
  45. Board Decision on Revised Employee Health Care Stipend
  46. Board Decision on Snake River Basin Adjudication Contract #1506 Mission Creek Barrier Removal
96:35 PMRecognition of Kayla Dau for Outstanding Contributions to Nez Perce Soil and WaterConservation District. Presentation of Award to Ms. Dau.
107:05 PMManager Reports: Lynn Rasmussen
The majority of the time will be spent on the first 3 items. The remainder of the items will be discussed as time allows and if the Nez Perce Board has questions. Supporting documentation is provided for each action item. Please review PRIOR to meeting.
  1. Review of Mission Creek Bridge Design
  2. Review of Rock Creek Floodplain Restoration Concept Plans
  3. Review of Lapwai Creek Floodplain Restoration Plan
  4. Review of FY15 Plan of Work Accomplishments
  5. Briefing on FY16 Quarter 1 Progress Report
  6. Review of Facility Management Plan
  7. Review of Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District 75th Anniversary Plan
  8. Review of Lower Canyon Tributaries Atlas and Inventory and Assessment Documents
  9. Briefing on Idaho Department of Agriculture 2015 Noxious Weed Grant
  10. Briefing on Lewiston Plateau Ground Water Management Area Final Order
  11. Briefing on administrative activities/actions
PURSUANT TO IDAHO CODE § 67-2345 (1) ; CONVENE IN EXECUTIVE SESSION TO: Consider personnel matters [Idaho Code § 67-2345(1)(a) & (b)]; and Deliberate regarding labor negotiations or acquisition of an interest in real property [Idaho Code § 67-2345(1)(c)]
129:00 PMAdjourn

The times listed for specific agenda items, and the order of those items, are approximate and are subject to change.


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