Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bear Creek Bridge Proposal

The Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District (NPSWCD) is requesting PCSRF funding to complete a bridge design for future use to replace an existing bridge over Bear Creek, a tributary to Big Canyon Creek, a tributary to the Clearwater River. If funded, the proposed project will retain consultants to complete the following: 1) hydraulic analysis, 2) channel stability assessment, 3) project survey, 4) environmental compliance documents for future bridge replacement, 5) final engineering design drawings, and 6) construction bid package.

Bear Creek is approximately 1.5 miles upstream from the confluence of Big Canyon Creek and the Clearwater River. This creek has perennial flow and is spring fed. Bedload is deposited on the upstream side of an existing bridge creating an annual passage barrier from March through June, which is coincidental to migration and spawning of wild steelhead. This is the only passage barrier identified in Bear Creek and blocks approximately seven miles of good upstream spawning habitat. The bedload deposition and resulting passage barrier is similar to a bridge replacement project the NPSWCD completed in 2016 using PCSRF and SRBA funding.

This project will provide a direct benefit to the ESA-listed Clearwater River lower mainstem steelhead population, which is a must have population needed to recover the steelhead Clearwater Major Population Group and the Snake River steelhead Distinct Population Segment. The NMFS Recovery Plan identified Big Canyon Creek as a major spawning area for this population and a priority watershed for restoration. The plan also identifies the removal of fish passage barriers as a priority project action for this population.

Below is a list of the reference documents used for the proposal.


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